Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Job Interviews... How to???

*** Difficult interview questions *** (Disha Pinge)

Q. Tell us about yourself
Q. What are your weaknesses? Or what would you like to change about yourself?
Q. What are your strengths?
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*** Test your presence of mind ***

Q. What part of your body would you hide if you were on the street completely naked?
My face, obviously, so no one would know it's me.
Q. What is the colour of the wall behind you?
The same as the colour of the wall in front of me. Never turn back and answer this! There is a possibility that the colour might be different but most rooms are painted the same colour. Looking at the interiors of the room you can gauge whether it has a feature (differently coloured) wall or not.
Q. Suppose you have a brother. You go home and open the door and there he is totally naked in front of you. What would u do?
A: I'd pick him up and go put his nappies on him. No one told you your brother's age!
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