Friday, August 10, 2007

Sawasdee ~ Thailand

A trip to Bangkok, Thailand (official name - Siam)

Sawasdee (Namaste), greetings by Thai people.

Thailand a good place to travel, business and have fun. They speak Thai (means 'Freedom') language. Bangkok is the capital of Thailand and this is the most happening place too.

Countries around Thailand are Burma (Myanmar), Laos, Combodia

In Thai, 'Khob Khun Krab' means "Thank you very much"

What is special about Thailand:
- Tuk Tuk (type of Auto in Thailand) - good for short trip a
- Tourist spot and fun place to visit and go around.
- Well known for massage parlours, shopping,
- Shopping @ Malls, Night Bazaar/Market

Places to see...

New Suvarnabhumi Airport

Other cities:
Pattaya, Chiang mai and many more...


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Madam Bangkok Hotels said...

When I first visit Bangkok I found that I can see Temples everywhere, especially during the tour of the Chao Phraya River. I've saw the real lifes of people living on both sides of the river, It's a heart warming experience for me. One things to remember: when visiting temples, show respect to the Buddha, and the monks. Take off your shoes before entering into the hall and don't wear shorts or tank tops in temples.

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