Thursday, January 10, 2008

Tata Nano Car

Tata Nano - 1 Lakh Car

Ratan Tata rolls the window down and talks about the vision and conviction, the innovation and improvisation, and the leap of faith that went into creating the
People’s Car

Tata Nano - Petrol (Standard & Luxury versions will be available)
Tata Nano - Diesel is the Next to come...

Tata Nano - Petrol - 1 Lakh (Ex-showroom price)
* Specifications:
- 623cc, 33 HP,
rear mounted multi-point fuel injection (MPFi) petrol engine which can speed upto 90km and fuel efficiency at 20kmpl.
- ECO friendly? - Nano not complaint with Bharat Stage III or Euro IV.
* Nano Phnomenon:

What do you think:
* Will it replace Auto Rickshaw or Call Taxi?
* How does this address traffic conditions in major cities?
* Will it replace two wheelers and move to Nano?

* What's next: RENAULT YENI - Mahindra lauching this year - Rs. 1,30,000/-

Tata People's Car:
Tata Motors:
Moneycontrol Interview:

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