Thursday, March 27, 2008

Unlock Bangalore - Improve Traffic Situation

Ways to Improve Traffic Situation in Bangalore

1. Bus stops to be moved away, which are close to a Junction/Signal/Crossroads. Many times, vehicles get stuck or clogged just because of the bus stops at "Bus Stop" after the signal/junction.

2. Alternate way of punish/warn the Road Rules/Traffic Violators:
- Anyone who violates the rule (signal jump, driving in a platform, overspeed...), traffic police should catch him/her and politely ask them to park their vehicle aside. Ask the violator to sit and watch the traffic for an hour. During this time, provide a pamplet about Traffic rules and form to fill the contact details (incl address, contact number, email id and vehicle info) and warning fine of Rs.100 (fixed). Do not allow them to go till 1 hour.
- Keep the user information in Traffic department database and track whenever required.
- One more way to save time by 30 min, please ask them to be a volunteer and to manage traffic in that location along with the Traffic Police.
- If the same person does the mistake again, treatment should be strict!

3. Subway/Skyway at congested areas have to be setup to avoid traffic clogging. Pedestrians should be encouraged to use them and violators should be warned.

4. HR in the Corporates/ITES should take steps to inform their Cab/Bus drivers to follow strict traffic rules (lane rules, signal indicators and speed limit). Respective employees traveling in the vehicle should warn/report the drivers, if they violate traffic rules.
5. A strict rule to be set for pedestrians to use 'Zebra crossing' or Sky ways instead of crossing at random part of roads.

6. Sign boards - to be added and improved at all places in the city.

7. Alternate Route/Roads: Provide sign boards to tell alternate way to reach different destinations and divert traffic during rush hours. Lay roads especially on alternate routes to distribute the traffic.

These days medias, newspapers and more are taken initiative towards common problems and find a solution. As citizen we should work/contribute to this good cause.

Courtesy: Unlock Bangalore - Times of India initiative!

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