Monday, July 28, 2008

Keep Bangalore Safe

Play a role to keep Bangalore Safe

You can alert the Bangalore police and play a part in keeping the city safe like many citizens have done in the past few days. They passed the information on to the police and averted serious damage that could have resulted from the bombs that were planted in crowded areas of Bangalore. The Bangalore Police requests citizens to continue to be vigilant and take initiative to support the police through information about any suspicious objects.

The Commissioner of Police advises citizens to be alert and inform the Police Control Room (100) regarding any suspicious objects left behind unattended at any public place. Further, information can be shared via SMS to 94806 90069 and/or email to
Visit the Karnataka State Police Website -

Citizens make sure to pass on this info to your contacts. Let's together play a role with Bangalore Traffic Police to keep Bangalore safe.

Noticed Suspected Objects?
What to do? and
What not to do?

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