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Swine Flu Info in Bangalore

Swine Flu Info for Bangalore

Aug 9: In order to prevent the spread the Swine flu virus in the state, the union government has identified the SDS Hospital & Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Chest Diseases, specifically for testing isolation and critical care of confirmed swine flu patients. Here is a list of information how to get tested and what is the procedure details.

H1N1 Testing Procedure at the Airport

1.Each passenger flying in from an international location is required to fill in a form which he or she will be given at the airport.

2.Passengers flying in from USA, Mexico, Germany, Canada, Austria, New Zealand, Spain, Israel, Ireland, El Salvador, Republic of Korea, China, Italy and UK are specially examined for Swine Flu symptoms.

3.A passenger who has Flu symptoms such as Fever, Cold and Cough is immediately handed a mask.

4.The passenger is then sent to Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Chest Diseases, Bangalore.

H1N1 Testing Procedure at the SDS Hospital & Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Chest Diseases

1. First you will have you will have to register at the OPD of the Hospital.

2. A specialist doctor will check you and advise regular tests.

3. Typically the doctor will ask you to get a chest X Ray and Blood test done.

4. Get your Chest X Ray done before 01:30 pm as the X Ray center closes after that time 7 pm. The Blood collection and testing center is adjacent to the OPD and you may have to go there and give your blood sample.

5. After you have given your blood sample and got you chest X Ray done, the doctor will advise you to go and wait in the Swine Flu Isolation Ward.

6. After you go back to the Swine Flu Isolation Ward, a Intern Duty Doctor will take the details mentioned in the ‘Information that you need to keep handy’ from you, he/she will check your BP, Heart Beat, Weight and will take other relevant medical details.

7. In case your Blood report has not come to the Isolation Ward and the ward is under staffed on that particular day, you will have to go and collect your report from the Lab, make sure you reach the Lab before 4 pm.

8. The Doctor will come to the Isolation ward and check your reports and will examine you for the Flu Symptoms.

9. In case you have some of the Flu Symptoms you will be given a mask immediately and your swab sample will be sent to the National Institute of Virology, Pune.

10. Depending on the severity of your symptoms you may be allowed to go home or you may be isolated at the Quarantine facility. If your tests are normal you will be allowed to go home.

SDS & Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Chest Diseases
(Govt. of Karnataka)
Hosur Road
Bangalore - 560 029
Karnataka, India
Helpline No: 91-80-26631923
BIAL Contact Details – 91-80- 66782258/52
BIAL Swine Flu Center - 91-80-22001490

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Anonymous said...

List of Hospitals who treats H1N1 flu in Bangalore ; Make it handy to help others.

Mallya - 080 22277979
Manipal - 080 25023512
St.Martha's - 080 22275081
Malliage Medical Centre - 080 22203333
St.John's - 080 22065000
Ambedkar Hospital - 080 25476496
Vydehi Hospital - 080 28413385
M.S.Ramaiah - 080 23608888
City Hospital, Rajajinagar - 080 23131777
Pristine Hospital - 080 41354444
Mahabhodi Malligae Hospital - 080 26565678

Victoria Hospital, Kalasipalayam, KR Market, 080-26703294

Lakeside Hospital, Meanee Avenue , Near Ulsoor lake, 080-25366725

Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Chest Diseases, Near Kidwai Cancer Hospital . 080-26632634

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