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Idea Chennai International Half Marathon

Idea Chennai International Half Marathon

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September 27, Sunday 6 AM
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Phone: (91-44) 24980201, 24994344

Idea Chennai International Half Marathon

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Chennai our beloved, modest and mystical! On September 27 we come to run for you. To thank you for giving us a place and life here. To make a pledge and commitment that we care for your less fortunate underprivileged children. To resolve that we will find and nurture athletes who in future will bring glory and honor to the nation. Runners will come from all over Tamil Nadu and India to make the day a truly historic occasion.

Idea Chennai International Half Marathon, the run itself will be a message. A message reflecting true essence of human spirit and existence : Freedom, grit, compassion, reason and being a beautiful community – ideals which remained the raisandetre for human kind to claim pre-eminence in this planet. So friends come on, join the run and sing gently - WE ARE THE HUMAN RACE!

Click here to GiveLife Chennai Marathon 2008 Moments

Half Marathon (21.09 km) registration fee is Rs 100/-

Great Chennai Run (7 km) registration fee is Rs 30/-

Wheel Chair Run registration free
Participants can also donate to GiveLife if they wish.

Rs.200/- additional to run with computer chip (optional)

Idea Chennai Half

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