Wednesday, December 16, 2009

SMS: Easy navigation of routes/destinations within Bangalore

Very helpful!!!

This number really works (Tested and passed!). Please add the number to your contact list for easy navigation of routes/destinations within Bangalore.

This is a useful information for people who travel by Auto and we will be able to know the rate, route and the distance too...

is an SMS-based location search and direction finding service that provides directions to people with or without Smart phones to any location in Bangalore.
The SMS service is available free of charge and all you pay is the standard SMS rate according to your plan. It needs no subscription.
The service is reliable and involves very little waiting time.
The reply back time varies from 3 seconds to 1 minute depending on the mobile operator’s message traffic congestion and availability of signals.

Only you need to do is SMS to 9008890088.
The example usages are:
Example 1: FROM Mekri circle TO ESI Hospital
Example 2: INOX
Example 3: SBI atm NEAR M G Road

You will get a reply SMS with the exact location and shortest directions to reach place from a prominent landmark.
And also with total distance in Kilometers and approximate Auto fare.

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