Monday, December 25, 2006

Jilebi Stall @ Commercial Street in Bangalore

Hot Hot - Sweet Jilebi (Yummy...)
Rawal Jelebi Shop

I would like to share my "Sweet Time @ Commercial Street" in Banglaore.

People like Sweets anytime... (oops! except the one with Sugar related health issues...)

You can easily find this shop at Commercial Street in Bangalore, (parallel to commercial street).

This person makes Jilebi Hot Hot... on the fly and people have it before the temperature goes down. The time he opens the shop in the evening... and people rush is bit more and mouth-watering Sweet Hot Hot Jilebi... (You will remember the Ad, Dhara - where the small boy with his grandpa says 'Jilebbi')

When you had a chance to be here, do not miss this 'Sweet Time'

BTW, nearby there are few Idly, Dosa shops (they use pure Ghee) (in Tamil such place is called "Kaiendhi Bhavan").

Thursday, November 23, 2006

The Shanghai Taxi Driver's MBA Lecture

The Shanghai Taxi Driver's MBA Lecture:

I needed to go from Xujiahui to the airport, so I hurriedly concluded a meeting and I was looking for a taxi in front of the Meiluo building. A taxi driver saw me and very professionally came in a straight line and stopped right in front of me. Thus followed the story that astonished me greatly as if I had attended a lively MBA course. In order to faithfully preserve the intent of the taxi driver, I have tried to reproduce his original words according to my memory.

"Where do you want to go? Good, the airport. At Xujiahui, I loved to get business in front of the Meiluo building. Over here, I only work two places: Meiluo building and Junyao building. Did you know? Before I picked you up, I circled around Meiluo building twice before I saw you! People who come out of office building are definitely not going to some place nearby ..."

"Oh? You have a method!" I agreed.

"A taxi driver must also have scientific methods," he said. I was surprised and I got curious: "What scientific methods?"

"I have to know statistics. I have made detailed calculations. Let me tell you. I operate the car 17 hours a day, and my hourly cost is 34.5 RMB ..."

"How did you arrive at that?" I asked

"You calculate. I have to pay 380 RMB to the company each day for the car. The gas is about 210 RMB. I work 17 hours per day. On an hourly basis, the fixed cost is the 22 RMB that I give to the taxi company and an average of 12.5 RMB per hour in gasoline expenses. Isn't that 34.5 RMB?" I was a bit surprised. I have taken taxis for ten years, but this is the first time that a taxi driver has calculated the costs this way. Previously, the taxi drivers all tell me that the cost per kilometer was 0.3 RMB in addition to the total company fee.

"Costs should not be calculated on a per-kilometer basis. It should be calculated on an hourly basis. You see, each meter has a 'review' function through which you can see the details of the day. I have done a data analysis. The averarge time gap between customers is seven minutes. If I started counting the costs when someone gets in, it is 10 RMB for about 10 minutes. That means each 10 RMB customer takes 17 minutes of time, which costs 9.8 RMB (4.5 x 17 / 60). This is not making money! If we say that customers who want to go to Pudong, Hangzhou or Qingpu are like meals, then a 10 RMB customer is not even a bite of food. You can only say that this is just a sprinkle of MSG."

Great! This driver did not sound like a taxi driver. He seemed more like an accountant. "So what you do then?" I was even more interested and I continued my questioning. It looked like I was going to learn something new on the way to the airport.

"You must not let the customer lead you all over the place. You decide what you want to do based upon the location, time and customer." I was very surprised, but this sounded significant. "Someone said that the taxi driving is a profession that depends on luck. I don't think so. You have to stand in the position of the customer and consider things from the customer's perspective." This sounded very professional, and very much like many business management teachers who say "put yourself in others' shoes."

"Let me give you an example. You are at the entrance to a hospital. There is someone holding some medicine and there is someone else holding a wash basin. Which person will you pick up?" I thought about it and I said that I didn't know.

"You take the one with the wash basin. If you have a minor complaint that you want to be examined and to get some medicine, you don't usually go to a faraway hospital. Anyone who is carrying a wash basin has just been discharged from the hospital. When people enter the hospital, some of them die. Today, someone on the second floor dies. Tomorrow, someone
on the third floor dies. Those who make it out of the hospital usually have a feeling of having been given a second life and they recognize the meaning of life again -- health is the most important thing. So on that day, that person told me, "Go ... go to Qingpu." He did not even blink.
Would you say that he wanted to take a taxi to People's Plaza to transfer to the Qingpu line subway? Absolutely not!"

I began to admire him.

"Let me give you another example. That day at People's Plaza, three people were waving at me. One was a young woman who had just finished shopping and was holding some small bags. Another was a young couple who were out for a stroll. The third one was a man who wore a silk
shirt and a down jacket and holding a notebook computer bag. I spent three seconds looking at each person and I stopped in front of the man without hesitation. When the man got in, he said: 'Yannan Elevated Highway. South North Elevated Highway ...' Before even finishing, he could not help but ask, 'Why did you stop in front of me without hesitating? There were two people in front. They wanted to get on as well. I was too embarrassed to fight with them.' I replied, 'It is
around noon and just a dozen or so minutes before one o'clock. That young woman must have slipped out at noon to buy something and I guess that her company must be nearby. That couple are tourists because they are not holding anything and they are not going to travel far. You are going out on business. You are holding a notebook computer bag, so I can tell that this is business. If you are going out at this time, I guess that it would not be too close.' The man said, 'You are right. I'm going to Baoshan.'"

"Are those people wearing pajamas in front of supermarkets or subway stations going to travel far? Are they going to the airport? The airport is not going to let them enter."

That makes sense! I was liking this more and more.

"Many drivers complain that business is tough and the price of gas has gone up. They are trying to pin the cause down on other people. If you keep pinning the cause on other people, you will never get any better. You must look at yourself to see where the problem is." This sounds very familiar. It seems like "If you cannot change the world, then you should change yourself" or perhaps a pirated copy of Steven Corey's "Circles of Influence and Concern." "One time, on Nandan Road, someone flagged me down and wanted to go to Tianlin. Later on, someone else flagged me down on Nandan Road and he also wanted to go to Tianlin. So I asked, 'How come all you people who come out on Nandan Road want to go to Tianlin?' He said, 'There is a public bus depot at Nandan Road. We all take the public bus from Pudong to there, and then we take the taxi to Tianlin.

So I understood. For example, you look at the road that we just passed. There are no offices, no hotels, nothing. Just a public bus station. Those people who flag down taxis there are mostly people who just got off the public bus, and they look for the shortest road for a taxi. People who flag down taxis here will usually ride not more than 15 RMB."

"Therefore, I say that the attitude determines everything!" I have heard dozens of company CEO's say that, but this was the first time that I heard a taxi driver say that.

"We need to use scientific methods and statistics to conduct business. Those people who wait at the subway exits every day for business will never make money. How are you going to provide for your wife and kids at 500 RMB a month? This is murder? This is slowly murdering your whole family. You must arm yourself with knowledge. You have to learn knowledge to become a smart person. A smart person learns knowledge in order to become a very smart person. A very smart person learns knowledge in order to become a genius."

"One time, a person wanted a taxi in order to get to the train station. I asked him how he wanted to go. He told me how to get there. I said that was slow. I said to get on the elevated highway and go this other way. He said that it was a longer way. I said, 'No problem. You have experience because you go that way frequently. It costs you 50 RMB. If you go my way, I will turn off the meter when it reaches 50 RMB. You can just pay me 50 RMB. Anything more is mine. If you go your way, it will take 50 minutes. If I go my way, it will take 25 minutes.' So in the end, we went my way.

We traveled an additional four kilometers but 25 minutes quicker. I accepted only 50 RMB. The customer was very delighted for saving about 10 RMB. This extra four kilometers cost me just over 1 RMB in gas. So I have swapped 1 RMB for 25 extra minutes of my time. As I just said, my
hourly cost is 34.5 RMB. It was quite worthwhile for me!"

"In a public taxi company, an ordinary driver takes three to four thousand RMB home per month. The good driver can get around five thousand. The top driver can get seven thousand RMB. Out of the 20,000 drivers, there are about two to three who can make more than 8,000 RMB a month. I am one of those two or three. Furthermore, it is very stable without too much fluctuation."

Great! By this point, I admired this taxi driver more and more.

"I often say that I am a happy driver. Some people say, 'That's because you earn a lot of money. Of course, you must be happy.' I tell them, 'You are wrong. This is because I have a happy and active mind, and that is why I make a lot of money.'"

What a wonderful way to put it!

"You have to appreciate the beauty that your work brings. Stuck in a traffic jam at People's Plaza, many drivers complain, 'Oh, there's a traffic jam again! What rotten luck!' You must not be like that. You should try to experience the beauty of the city. There are many pretty
girls passing by. There are many tall modern buildings; although you cannot afford them, you can still enjoy them with an appreciative look. While driving to the airport, you can look at the greenery on both sides. In the winter, it is white. How beautiful! Look at the meter -- it is more than 100 RMB. That is even more beautiful! Each job has its own beauty. We need to learn how to experience that beauty in our work."

"Ten years ago, I was a general instructor at Johnson's. Eight years ago, I had been the department manager for three different departments. I quit because there was no point in making three or five thousand a month. I decided to become a taxi driver. I want to be a happy driver.

Ha ha ha ..."

When we arrived at the airport, I gave him my business card and said, "Are you interested in coming this Friday to my office and explain to the Microsoft workers about how you operate your taxi? You can treat it as if your meter is running at 60 kilometers per hour. I will pay you
for the time that you talk to us. Give me a call."

Then I began to write down his lively MBA lecture on the airplane.

[Source: A forwarded email...]

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Kotilingam (Kolar Gold Fields)

Trip to Kotilingam (Kolar Gold Fields) which is ~90 kms from Bangalore. This temple has lots of Shiva lingas all over the temple. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

SMS Collection #2

"LAUGH" to all,
"SMILE" to 1
"CHEEKS" to all, but
"LIPS" to1
"LOVE" to all,
"HEART" to1
Let Everybody "LOVE"u,
But u"LOVE"1....!

Why is SINGH added to every sardars name? Because of its hidden meaning = S--Sardar, I--Insaan, N--Nahi, G--Gadha, H--Hai

Ye din yu hi gujar jayenge,
shayad hum dost bichad jayenge,
naraj na ho aap hamari shararato se,
yehi to wo pal hai jo aksar yaad ayenge..GOOD Night

Friendship is silent
gift of nature.
More old more strong.
More deep more clear.
More close more warm.
Less words
more understanding. But equal of you and Mé.

What is the secret of my energy?





Then what?
A small cweet sms from u evryday..!...

DOsti cheez nahi jatane ki,
Hamein aadat nahi kisi ko bhulane ki,
Hum is liye milte hai kum;
Kyon ke nazar lag jati hai rishton ko zamane ki......

SHRMAJi ki nayi INDICA ke peeche likha tha: Saawan ko aane do..!
SARDAR ne peeche se truck laa kar thok diya. Truck ke peeche likha tha: Aaya saawan jhoom ke..

Aasman humse naraaz hai! Taaron ka gussa behisaab hai! Who sab hamse jalte hain, kyu ki chand se behtar dost humare pass hai! Good Night*...'@'...* $.'.$*
take care

Night Is Silent,
Night Is Beautiful,
Night Is Calm,
Night Is Quiet....
But Night Is Not Complete Without Wishing U....

Dosti ko bhulana fitrat nahi hamari, Aap se door rehana mazboori hai hamari, Jeene k liye sirf saans nahi kafi aapka hona bhi zarurat hai hamari... Gud nite

Missed 1:
will never
no matter
how many
times u miss
HIS cälls.

JESUS LOVES U.gud nite

A coin is easy to earn.But a friend is hard to find.I lost a coin for this message. But gained a priceless friend like u. Gud morning..

Bhulakar tho dekho ek baar hume,
Zindagi ki har adaa tumse rut jayegi.
jab bhi sochoge apno ke baare mein,
tumhe hamari yaad zaroor aayegi.

Kya kahen ki kuch kaha nahin jata... Dard mitah hai par saha nahin jata... Dosti hogayi hai is qadar apse ki, bina sms kiye humko raha nahin jata...

Phoolo ne amrit ka jam bheja hai, Taaron ne gagan se salam bheja hai, Har khushia mubarak ho apko sache dil se humne ye paigam bheja hai ye khene ke liye

Har koi pyar ke liye tadpta hai,har koi pyar ke liye rota hai,a dost ye dosti sada kayam rakhana,kyonki pyar to sabse jyada dosti me hi hota hai...

Memories sometimes behave in a crazy way.....
They leave U alone when U R in crowd
when U R alone they stand along U like a crowd....
Take care

Open ur door when u r ur heart when u feel sad..but dont open ur hand when u need a frnd bcoz i m already holding ur hand...

CBI raids in saniya mirza's house
bathrom 10 lacs cash,store room 50kg gold
& bedroom full of my photos
silly girl
Crazy abt me







ae dost ye sab tumhare liye
sirf aap ki dosti hamare liye... Good night

Dosti ko bhulana fitrat nahi hamari, Aap se door rehana mazboori hai hamari, Jeene k liye sirf saans nahi kafi aapka hona bhi zarurat hai hamari... Gud nite

Sardar ki patni sardar se boli 'Oyeji aap to hazaron me ek ho'. Sardar ne thappad lagaya aur bola,baaki 999 koun hai?

Sardar ki patni sardar se boli 'Oyeji aap to hazaron me ek ho'. Sardar ne thappad lagaya aur bola,baaki 999 koun hai?

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

SMS Collection #1

Here is a collection of SMS (Sab Maya hai!)

A true friend is not like the rain that comes
n goes away but like the air that is not visible
but always there in touch...

Sardar received an invitation to party
which said BROWN TIE ONLY. when he
went to party he was surprised to find
that other were wearing pants & shirts also!

Woh Jindagi kya, Jisme yaade na ho,
Woh yaade kya, jisme Dosti na ho,
Dosti kya, Jisme Hum na ho,
Hamari Dosti hi kya, Agar tum saath na ho...

Night is longer than day 4 those who DREAM,
n day is longer than night 4 those who make their DREAMS come true.

There r
4 chambers
in my HEART
1/4 mom
1/4 dad
1/4 god
1/4 me
wat about u, sorry
no place 4 u
in my heart...
bcoz friendz like u r my heartbeat!

numerical value of L+O+V+E=54
but F+R+I+E+N+D+S+H+I+P=108
So, L+O+V+E+L+O+V+E=friendship
Friendship is 2 X of LOVE!

Tere dil me rahenge SMS bankar,
dhadkano me bajenge ringtone bankar,
kabhi apni dil se juda mat samajna, hum
tumhare saath chalenge NETWORK bankar...

Friday, May 05, 2006

Friends are friends

Good one!
I found this to share with you through my blog.

Friends Are Friends

Friends endure
They care for each other
Friends forgive
And stay together

Friend love and laugh
And sing all day
Friends share their thoughts
Of happiness and things they say

Friends are fun and full of surprizes
Friends are simple
Yet they're there even if they don't realize it

Friends never forget
Well, maybe date or time
But friends are friends
They'll always be fine...
Thanks Jack :)

Friday, January 06, 2006

1st One on WWW


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Adios Amigo
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