Monday, December 25, 2006

Jilebi Stall @ Commercial Street in Bangalore

Hot Hot - Sweet Jilebi (Yummy...)
Rawal Jelebi Shop

I would like to share my "Sweet Time @ Commercial Street" in Banglaore.

People like Sweets anytime... (oops! except the one with Sugar related health issues...)

You can easily find this shop at Commercial Street in Bangalore, (parallel to commercial street).

This person makes Jilebi Hot Hot... on the fly and people have it before the temperature goes down. The time he opens the shop in the evening... and people rush is bit more and mouth-watering Sweet Hot Hot Jilebi... (You will remember the Ad, Dhara - where the small boy with his grandpa says 'Jilebbi')

When you had a chance to be here, do not miss this 'Sweet Time'

BTW, nearby there are few Idly, Dosa shops (they use pure Ghee) (in Tamil such place is called "Kaiendhi Bhavan").
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