Wednesday, May 21, 2008

An Indian boy speaks 13 languages (Amazing Lingo Kid)

How many language do you speak or you know.
Here is an amazing kid who can speak more than 13 languages for selling the peacock feather based handy fan.
In 2007

He can speak French, German, Chinese, Japanese, Iranian, Arabic, Israeli, Hindi, English and the list goes on...
In 2008

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Kaalaippani - Tamil Movie *ing JJ, Vasundhara

Kaalaipani - Tamil Movie

JJ Srinivasa Kumar, a Sourashtrian from Madurai working as a Software Engineer turned Model & Actor.

He was introduced in 'SHE-16 - Tamil Pop Album' and later acted in a Tamil movie 'Kaalaipani'. Recently this movie's audio release and trailer has come out.

Watch the movie trailer now...

Kaalaipani (new)

Kaalaipani Movie Trailer

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Know This Personality - K.R Balaji (Socio Techie)

It gives me immense pleasure to introduce Mr. K.R.Balaji through this "Know our personality" series. He presently works for Sun Microsystems, Bangalore. He hardly needs an introduction since he was a pioneer to set up a center to impart Computer eduction in Madurai, TamilNadu - India. He had ventured into computer training with 4 of his friends in the name of Microbase Computers in Madurai. After that, he had worked in US for three years prior moving to Bangalore.

Apart from his professional expertise, he juggles his various interests ranging from reading books to social service by teaching school childrens in slums.. Being a active person, he also enjoys painting and exploring information through books/internet and his area of specialisation with respect to computers is GNU-Linux/Free Software Foundation.

His wide range of interests have enabled him author a book named "Ariviyal endraal enna?" (in Tamil). I've presented some snapshots of his book in this article. From them, you can infer the efforts he has taken to explain complex science concepts in a simple language. You can lift this book in any bookshops in major cities of Tamilnadu. The book is effectively paginated to illustrate the information with good reader relief and compfort reading.

Amidst people who complain about time shortage in their life, its really great to learn the effective time management of Mr. Balaji who has balanced his time for his profession, interests and his family as well.

I read this book which provides awareness about science in all basic aspects, mathematics, astronomy... Even my mother could go through this book and she can help grand children on educating them about science. I recommend this book to everyone especially people (mother, homemaker/house-wife, grand parents) at home who can teach their children.

Now this author has started his way to write another book...

SFC wishes Mr. Balaji on his future endeavours.

You can to contact Mr K.R. Balaji

Thanks: I would like to thank Mr. Balaji Kutty, my mother, sister and my dear friends who have helped me in writing this article in a readable format.


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