Monday, April 28, 2008

Dropped your Mobile Phone or iPod in Water? Rush to the Kitchen

wet ipod beer What is the next step that you would take if your expensive mobile phone or iPod gets wet in the rain or your drop it in a wash basin?

Such accidents are not very uncommon. Adam Curry once dropped his iPhone in the toilet. Venadium went for a swim while the iPod was still in his pocket. Leo Laporte did something similar to his cell phone. Virgo soaked his iPod when a bottle of Diet Coke fell over his trousers.

Since the warranty for most electronics does not cover water damage, what can you do to revive that wet gadget ? The answer is in your kitchen.

Power off the device (if it’s not off already) and try to completely cover the iPod or iPhone in a bowl of rice. Rice being a natural desiccant will help absorb the excess moisture. Let it try for at least 24 hours and DO NOT try to charge the device.

wet blackberry If your gadget has a removable battery, dry it separately to speed up the whole drying process.

This home-remedy is cheap and worth giving a try before you rush to the Apple store for a replacement.

Ernesto Londoño successfully managed to fix his wet BlackBerry phone after he left the device soaked overnight in a bowl of uncooked rice.

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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Education in India goes Online

Education in India has grown and improved a lot. As a part of e-governance, education system and books are made available online on Internet.

Education in India - Online
Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD)

GOI Directory for Education:

CBSE - Central Board of Secondary Education

MHRD - Department of Higher Education

Education Support in India

National Council of Education Research & Training (you can get online books and download books)

Online books at NCERT:

Tamil Nadu:
Now education is online everywhere... starting from Class I to Class 12.

Question Banks for Classes X, XI, XII

Engineering courses:
IIT Madras: IIT Course Videos on YouTube for E-learning

Over 20 Video courses in science & engineering of the IITs have been on free trial runs on YouTube:

You may also be interested for MIT Courseware

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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Platform - Alternate driveway for two wheelers

In cities like Bangalore, two wheelers choose Platform as an alternate driveway during rush hours. This is highly dangerous to Pedestrians walking on the platform. Rather than Traffic Police caught these folks - people (two wheelers) should think before they get on to a platform as a travel route!
  • Pedestrians should warn them and inform the traffic police.
  • Working professionals do this mistake often, which is shame to the working community.
*** Start early to work and avoid driving on platforms ***

Find the picture taken at BTM 2nd stage, 29 Main Road towards BTM-Outer Ring Road

Use traffic solutions provided online, SMS, phone by BTIS and make your travel easier in the city.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Tip: Save Power - Set your monitor with 'BLACK' background screen and this will SAVE 20-30% of power - Minimise all Windows when not in use. Switch of the Monitor when not in use. Find more here

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