Sunday, August 12, 2007

Air Hostess (Cabin Crew / In-flight Services)

Air Hostess (Cabin Crew / In-flight Services)

Air Hostess (for Male & Female)

A job that demands attention, responsibility, a pleasing personality complementing with glamour and excitement is what being an air hostess is all about.

An epitome of beauty, she is full of grace, radiates warmth and keeps you comfortable in every way.

Note: By 2011, India requires 1100 flights (NDTV report says) which is double than current supply. Similar demand on Pilot, Co-Pilot, Air hostess, Cabin Crew requirements will be more.

Roles/Title (Cabin crew or In-flight Services)
  • Deputy Chief Hostess
  • Senior Check Hostess
  • Check Hostess for practical in-flight training.
Eligibility: (Air Hostess Training (Cabin Crew & In-Flight Services))
  • Education: Minimum +2/XII pass/Graduate/Diploma in Hotel or Tourism
  • Age Limit: between 18 and 25 years (with proportionate height & weight)
  • Height: Female:5'-2" | Male: 5'-7"
  • Clear eyesight & clear skin
  • Marital Status: Unmarried
  • Knowing a foreign language other than English is a PLUS.
Note: There are some institutes which are not good for such trainings. I haven't listed them here. If any of you know about such institutes or academy, please add your comment to this article.

Airlines to work with:
  • SAHARA INDIA AIRLINES (Merging with Jet Airways)
  • GO AIR
  • more to come...
and ofcourse International Airlines
(Courtesy: Info gathered from many Internet sources and friends. Thanks to all)

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Mahiya famous ~ Annie - Pakistani Singer

Mahiya... by Annie
(It's rocking...)

Mahia album (courtesy: pak music)

Link: (04:45)

Her stage performance on Mahiya song... (10:11)

she has sung quite a number of songs...
Mahiya & Mahiya (Remix)
- Awarapan hindi movie

Tawetri, Princess, Deewani, Nachna, Chori Chori Koka, Asa Jaan Ke Meet Lai, Aankhon Se Chori

More videos/links:
Stage performance -
Annie - Live at NewYork -
Annie - Pop princess of Pakistan -
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