Sunday, August 30, 2009

Himalayas Calling... An awesome trip to Manali > Leh, Ladakh > Srinagar

Himalayas Calling...
An awesome trip to Manali > Leh, Ladakh > Srinagar

It was a long time dream to visit Himalayas since my childhood reading Geography, Mount Everest, Kashmir and watching movies thereafter like Roja (Hindi: Eh Ashin Waadiyaan Eh Khulaa Aashmaan… - Tamil: Pudhu Vellai Malai Ingu Poliginrathu…) and many more…

There are lot more places to see in India rather than going abroad (outside India) to visit various places of different geographic conditions like Dessert, Snowfall, High Mountains, Adventurous Mountain Roads and many more… Hope this covers a part of Himalayas where you can spend a good time and explore Beautiful & Incredible India

2009 is the year where the doors opened for such an opportunity to visit parts of Himalayas, India. It was sometime in June-July, where my friend Praveen was talking about such a trip and late June things came closer and to make this dream possible. Many of my friends wanted to join and couple of guys turned up finally (due to work schedules) for this wonderful trip to Leh, Ladakh (Himalayas).

All were quite looking for information all over from Internet, People (friends/relatives), books and all available resources. It was kind of set by mid-July as we concluded finally to make this trip in early August timeframe. July-August has a friendly weather to visit Himalayas.

Our plans started with looking for various places on the Map, Books and compile them to visit with Plan A, B & C. Each plan has same/different routes to visit places like Kullu, Manali, Leh-Ladakh & surroundings Mountain ranges, Kargil, Srinagar and lot of places where highest motorable passes in the Ladakh Mountain Range, Rivers, Lakes and borders of neighboring countries like China, Pakistan.

Trip Snapshot

  • BangaloreDelhi - Manali
  • Manali – Keylong/Sarchu - Leh
  • Leh, Ladakh – 4 days
  • Leh – Kargil - Srinagar

BangaloreDelhi - Manali








6:30 AM


New Delhi

Arrive early to airport 2 hours prior to departure.



3:00 PM

New Delhi

Bus Station


Delhi-Manali (HPTDC/Bus Travels)



5:30 PM


Bus Station


reach Manali via Kullu =~ 8AM (~14hrs journey)



8:00 AM




Stay booked in HPTDC (Hotel Kumzum)

To Be Continued...
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Hemapriya said...

Happy that your dream came true :)

your writing is interesting anent.. keep more coming!

Domain name registration said...

I didn't went to Himalaya. Images looks great. I am waiting for my dream to become true...

Manali Hotels said...

You have given a good and valuable information for those who are planning to go to Manali for the first time. One should visit Manali once in a while.

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