Tuesday, May 29, 2007

"Fashion Design" as an Interesting Career for Creativity

Profession as a Fashion Designer

Youth today explore various new stuffs in today's Fashion world!!!

National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT)
Education institution of the Indian Ministry of Textiles, offering courses in textile and leather design, technology, management and merchandising.
What does Indian Government taking steps towards this Fashion Market. (CII & FTK - Fashion Technology Park)
Wanna become a "Fashion Designer" and do you hold the following skills...
  • Are you a creative and i nnovative thinker who enjoys solving problems?
  • Are you a good communicator and collaborator?
  • Can you think three-dimensionally and visualize clearly?
  • Can you set aside your personal tastes to design commercially for a target market?

  • Either Degree (UG/PG) or Diploma in Fashion Design/Technology or Textile Technology & Management
  • Choose reputed institutions in India and abroad.
  • Apparels, Textile, Lifestyle Accessories
  • Admission/Application starts in Oct/Nov 2007 @ NIFT.
Fashion Design Council of India: http://www.fdci.org/
Pearl Academy of Fashion: http://www.pearlacademy.com/

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Associated Careers
Fashion designers who become unhappy with the lifestyle (low pay, long hours, hard work, low chance of advancement) leave the field to do a variety of things. Some of them use their color and design skills to become interior designers, graphic designers, or fashion consultants. More than one quarter of the people who leave remain in the clothing industry, either on the production end or on the institutional buying end. Another 10 percent of them enter the advertising or promotions industry.

: Please take these information as a pitch or a starting point in this fashion career. Information may or may not be true at all times. Information gathered from internet sources.

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