Tuesday, May 22, 2007

RJ/VJ - Profession in the field of Media (Radio/TV)


RJ, VJ in Media like AM/FM Radio, Internet Radio, Satellite Radio, College Radio, Community Radio, Television & Music channels, ...
(Radio Jockey, Video Jockey)

Some of the Music TV Channels

People who can talk, talk and keep talking in any local (1 or many) languages have good chance of getting into this profession. Your hobby can turn into Profession.

What you need to have?
  • Good voice over a MIC (microphone) and a style of your own without inhibitions.
  • Interests on day to day happenings locally, national level and international (through newspapers, TV and other magazines)
  • Voice modulation, while you speak and entertain the people who listen to you on Radio.
  • Interests on listening to Music and Media related stuffs
  • Additional or extraordinary skills like mimicry or so.
  • Outgoing personality
What does RJ do

RJ guides the radio listeners through a programme and entertain them along with lots of information related to it.

Job Type

FM Radio companies and TV (Music Channel) are looking for people. Check it out!!! (Full Time or Part Time)

Relevant Links


FM Radio Websites

AIR: www.allindiaradio.org

Radio Mirchi: www.radiomirchi.com / www.enil.co.in

RadioCity FM: www.myradiocity.com

BIG FM: www.big927fm.com

Suryan FM: www.sunnetwork.in

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