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Career in "Advertising" industry for creativity and talent

The Advertising industry has a voracious appetite for creativity and talent. It is constantly growing and creating jobs for highly talented people who can think out of the box and come up with innovative ideas. Both big and small advertising agencies exist that help companies touch base with their consumers and put their message across using the various media like print, radio, television, and the Internet.

There is a perennial demand for talent. "As products launch and grow, so does the job market. Ad agencies now face competition on an international level from MNC brands. If you join a widely spread agency, you have chances to be transferred overseas too. Growth prospects are immense," says Pankaj Sharma, 29, an executive in a recruitment consultancy in Delhi.
Job profile
Advertising is handled by advertising agencies that vary in size and scope. Some large companies have set up separate departments to handle specialized areas like market research, film, video production etc. The job profiles vary according to the departments: Client Servicing, Creative Department, Media Department, Production, Television and Film, Photography, Market Research, Exhibition and Event Management, Promotion, and Direct Marketing.
The executive side includes Client Servicing, Market Research and Media Research. It involves understanding client needs, finding new business and retaining existing business, selecting the appropriate media, analysing timing and placement of advertisements, and negotiating the financial aspects of the deal.

For example, an accounts executive who works in the client servicing department should know the most effective way to advertise the client's product or service, i.e., the media and their cost effectiveness. Account executives should also have an idea about market research and target audiences.
Thus, the client-servicing arena is crucial. It is the delicate link between the client and the agency. Communication skills are tested here, as it has to communicate to the agency what the client has in mind. Vacancies in this field call for individuals who go out into the market to get the right brief and then sell the ideas.
Media personnel have grown from minuscule one-man-armies that would handle release orders, negotiate deals and send material, to a full-fledged part of any agency.
The creative group is the foundation of a sound advertising agency. It includes Art Directors, Creative Directors, copywriters, scriptwriters, visualisers, photographers, typographers, and the mandatory DTP operators. This department creates the advertisement copy. It verbalises and visualises the specific needs of a client. As ad films are also a part of filmmaking, career options related to film also are part in this field.
Thus, careers in advertising can include working in advertising agencies, marketing jobs, copywriting, graphic design, media, market research, public relations, etc. You can work in the field of targeted advertising, Internet advertising, radio advertising, advertising affiliate programs, billboard advertising, etc.
Today, new areas are emerging within advertising -- like event management, image management, digital marketing, Internet marketing, etc. Event management is when events are marketed, and image management is when a particular profile of an individual / organisation is projected. Internet marketing has also brought about a lot of changes in advertising, and one can cater to a select group of audiences rather than a mass audience.
There is a great demand for graduates from the general stream who have a command of the language of communication plus knowledge of designing packages like Photoshop, Coral Draw or fine arts, especially in the creative department.
"Advertising agencies generally prefer individuals who have a creative bend of mind, can think independently but work well in teams. If you are interested in pursuing a career in advertising, you must be highly goal driven and work well under pressure," says Shailesh Singh, 27, who works in an ad agency in Delhi.
"Basic qualities like creativity, flair for writing, and the ability to translate ideas into a visual format are required. Candidates should have insights into the interests of people from all walks of life. Those in the creative field should possess artistic abilities to make the ad appealing to the masses," he continues.
Payment structure
Job positions and earnings in an agency vary with its size and turnover. "Fresh graduates can start with a salary of Rs 10,000 - Rs 15,000 per month. This can go up to Rs 15,000 to Rs 25,000 per month with a few years experience.
Doing a specialised diploma/degree can further boost a candidate's worth. The salary of a successful advertising person can be between Rs 30,000 and Rs. 60,000 or more per month depending on the agency or company," says Pankaj.
Job prospects
Career opportunities in advertising include openings in private advertising agencies; advertising departments in private or public sector companies; in advertising sections of newspapers, journals, magazines; commercial sections of radio or television; market research organisations, etc. One can also freelance, of course.
"If you are a graduate, you can enter at a trainee level. The pay packet also gets heavier as the workload and levels increase. However, although you may get a break at the lower levels easily, sheer quality is demanded at the top. The ever-increasing pressures at these levels expedite the exit from this category," says Shailesh. "It is up to the individual to know where his potential lies. There are colleges and degrees available that polish you in the line you choose. Or, simply work as an intern in an ad agency. Gain knowledge of all the departments and then make up your mind."

Courses to spruce up your skills
  • B.A. integrated courses in Advertising, Sales Promotion & Sales Management
  • Course in Advertising and Communication
  • Course in Advertising and Public Relations
  • Course in Marketing and Advertising
  • Diploma in Advertising
  • Diploma in Advertising and Communication Management
  • Diploma in Commercial Art and Advertising
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Advertising
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Advertising and Marketing Communication
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Advertising Management
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Public Relations and Advertising
Companies that hire
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Dude, ad agencies pay peanuts to freshers. Only experience counts. you gotta do loads of donkeywork.

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Whatever it has mentioned here its absolutely true.. If a person has good exp., definitely they can earn a lot. There is a good demand in the market for this kind of requirements.....

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