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Taipet 101 Skyscrapper

Taipei Night Tour including the Taipei 101 Building

Taipei Night Tour including the Taipei 101 Building

Taipei comes alive at night and the city is a buzzing with activities. Start with a delicious Mongolian Barbeque dinner at a downtown restaurant, walked off afterwards at the exotic night market and a walk through Snake Alley. The last stop for the night is at the 101 Building, the tallest in the world.

Taipei 101 tower building used to be the world's tallest skyscraper since 2003 to 2007/7/20. The 508-meter structure has 101 floors and is situated at the center of Taipei's Xin-Yi area...

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Tallest buildings in the World

Burj, Dubai (Currently Tallest)
Taipei 101, Taipei, Taiwan
509 m
Petronas Tower, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
452 m
Sears Tower, Chicago, USA
442 m
Jin Mao Building, Shanghai, China
421 m
Two International Finance Centre, Hong Kong, China
415 m
Citic Plaza, Guangzhou, China
391 m
Shun Hing Square, Shenzhen, China
384 m
Empire State Building, New York, USA
381 m
Central Plaza, Hong Kong, China
374 m
Bank of China, Hong Kong, China
367 m

Taipei 101 Website (English) -

Taipei 101 is currently the world's tallest completed building on earth with its 509 m height. It is located in the East of Taipei (Xin-Yi district), the capital city of Taiwan. The tower consists of 101 stories above the ground. The top floor is at 439 m. The construction of Taipei 101 (Taipei International Financial Center previously) was started in 1999, and finished in 2004. The total cost was about 1,7 billion US dollars. This tower has the worlds fastest elevators (doubledecker) they can get as fast as 63 km / h. The indoor observation deck is on the 89th floor (382m). The total weight of Taipei 101 is 700,000 tonnes, which is such a mass that could possibly make an earthquake. The structure is capable to withstand the largest earthquakes. The 800 ton damper on the top of the tower can reduce up to 40% of the movements. The Taipei 101 Mall is a 6-story shopping mall inside the building. The former tallest building was the Petronas Towers in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur with 452 m height, it only held the record for 6 years (built in 1998). The upcoming world's tallest is going to be the Burj Dubai, which has already overtaken Taipei 101, but until its finished it is not official. Exact height is unknown, but Emaar, the constructor company said it is going to be over 800m. The current plans indicate Burj Dubai at 818m. Most probably it will be finished by 2009.

*On July 21, 2007, the Burj Dubai (located in the "New Downtown" of Dubai, United Arab Emirates) became the tallest building in the world at 512 meters (1,680 feet) tall. It is still under construction. When completed, it will be the tallest architectural structure (super skyscraper) in the world at more than 800 meters (2625 feet).

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