Wednesday, June 04, 2008

WaitListed E-Ticket booking on IRCTC (Indian Railways)

You may that now we can book waiting list ticket through IRCTC.

But once the chart is prepared and even then you are in waiting list, your ticket will automatically get cancelled.

And the amount will be credited back to your account.

So we cannot even travel in general compartment using waiting list ticket booked through IRCTC.



An additional facility of booking waitlist e-tickets is now available for all trains. The salient features are as under:-

1) Name of the passengers whose status is fully confirmed / fully RAC after chart preparation, their names shall appear in charts & they can undertake their journey.

2) Name of the passengers whose names are partly confirmed/partly waitlist or partly RAC/partly waitlist, their names shall appear in charts including the waitlist passengers.

Cancellation of e-tickets by the customer/Agent through Internet is permitted only before chart preparation of the train.For any claims on e-tickets to be cancelled after the preparation of Reservation charts, the user has to send an email at the earliest possible time to giving full details of the ticket and stating the claim,which would then be processed by IRCTC with the Railway administration offline and refunds as sanctioned by the Railway administration would be credited back to the user's account.

3) Names of the Passengers who are left out fully(all the passengers in the transaction) on waiting list after chart preparation,their names will be dropped and will not appear in charts. They are not allowed to board the train. If detected traveling in the train, they shall be treated as passenger traveling without ticket as per extant Railway Rules.Their cancellation shall be done by IRCTC after chart preparation and refund shall be arranged from Railways by IRCTC and credited to customer/Agent account electronically.


Haseeb said...

The automatic cancellation and refund system is one of the excellent system beneficial for the customers ever introduced by the Indian railways in the history.
Provided it works error proof.

Anent said...

Haseeb, It works well. I had seen it in my own travel plan. Also Master passenger name transfer is possible for e-ticket now.

Anonymous said...

I've One question ! When I've booked an e-ticket then it was in waiting list. Although I've took printout waited e-ticket

after some time and before train departure it gets confirmed. then how to take printout of that confirmed e-ticket?

Anent said...

It is recommended to contact IRCTC for such queries.
For your case, you need to take a printout or updated by a TTE Officer.

Unknown said...

It is not always good. On the one hand we book ticket on-line to secure our palce and if some one is in waiting list and does not appear in chart at the time of departure then his ticket will be automatically cancelled and even that person can not travel in general coach. I would say that this scheme is only helpfull in returning money but not helpful in making sure trip. Many people, who want to travel by any coach, are disappointed when they becomes unable to even travel on that train!

Sachin SACSIM Singh said...

Yes I do agree with Raghuveer!
what if my friend has got his tkt confirmed and mine is still waited. Atleast i can travel with him thru waitlist tkt, but under this rule my tkt gets cancelled and i'm not able to even enter that train.
This is not a good thing for many travellers!

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