Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Sivaji - The Boss | Tamil SuperHit Movie

Sivaji - The Boss

At Innovative Multiplex, Bangalore

Sivaji on Top-10 in UK Box Office
Highest per-screen average: Sivaji (2007)

Sivaji Today: First Day Rs 1.7 crore

Sivaji hits screens; first day, first show for Jayalalitha @ AVM

Rajini Interview by NDTV

Entire Theatre booked by an IT Company - Bangalore
Take a look at this ticket booking for Sivaji movie!! Booked the entire theatre on 15th June for 2nd show. Paid Rs.67,751/- for the sale of 75 tickets ... in Innovative Multiplex., Bangalore. Never seen anything like this. The theatre is going to be full of corporate guys and its a single friends network!!

PVR Cinemas, Bangalore - Sivaji movie.

Movie Ticket 1st day 1st show @ 6:00am on 15th June 2007

Sivaji - Vaji Vaji song (Video) - NEW

Sivaji - Sahara Song (Video)- NEW

Sivaji The Boss - VAA JI SHIVAJI VIDEO!!! (Video Remix)
Rajini & Soundarya

Sivaji shooting Bilbao -

Sivaji Shooting at Pune (Behind the screen)

Brand Rajini : (A CNN-IBN Story)

Rajini talks about Amitabh & Director Shankar :

Rajini Fans:

Sivaji the Boss - More... :

BehindWoods :

Sivaji Official Website:

Sivaji - Wikipedia:

Sivaji - Web portal:

Rajini in Sivaji:

Sivaji the film - Blog:

CNN-IBN Sivaji Movie Trailer Link:


Praveen said...

the details of sivaji is nice... still kewl buddy... chummaa adirudhilaaa... things tempt's u to see the movie...
its not a sankar movie... its one and only super star's movie... second half is the ultimate...........
Actually Super start should try for anti role characters.. in which i think he gives out his best perfomance... :) and which people like most....


Anonymous said...

Olá eu adorei seu Blogger , tem muitas fotos da India ,que é um país que eu realmente quero conhecer!!!
Eu vivo no Brazil!!!

Anent said...

Thanks Praveen! It's a good movie to watch for the art, songs, cinematography...
-Anent Prakash

Anent said...

Gracias Ana!
Eu vivo no Bangalore, India.
I will post more on India :)

What do you do?

Anent Prakash

நிவேதிதா said...


Super! Nice post.
Thanks for giving link for our site
Designed by Hindu ;)


Anent said...

Congrats & Thanks நிவேதிதா
Wish you all d best for your '
Le nouveau travail'

Anent Prakash

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